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About the Co Owned Dogs

The decision to have Co Owned Dogs was not made lightly, while i would like to keep all dogs that may be used as part of my breeding program, to give the time needed to grow and train them is something i just don't have. All Co Owned dogs and the owners are a very important part of our kennel. Co Owned dogs live with friends which then allows us to include them as part of our breeding program without keeping them in our home. It also allows them to be trained and compete in various sports. Thanks to the special co owners out there that give our dogs a great home and life!

If you would like information on being one of our co-owners please contact me. All future Dunwurkn puppies that are sold with breeding rights will be co owned ONLY and will be listed here on this page. The decision on how i register each puppy is entirely up to me and if i decide to allow a puppy on the Open register not Co Owned than you can be assured the decision will not be made in haste...

I have previously sold puppies on the open register to homes i deemed suitable, i have listed those dogs also to dissolve any confusion...

If there are dogs out there from our lines offering stud service or having litters and are not listed on this page they are doing so in violation of a trusted verbal and/or written contract. 

We have no Co-owned dogs at the moment, we have retained the ISDS registration on any Dual Main Registered Pups. 

Dunwurkn Dogs sold on the Main Register

Dunwurkn Etched In Time


(Trubarka Border Collies)

Dunwurkn Chocolat Quizz


(Becksbest Border Collies)

Dunwurkn All That Rave


(Arajoel Border Collies)

Dunwurkn Marbled Choc Shake


(Helen Museth)

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