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Whelped 7th Dec 2008

Dunwurkn On Stryke


now living with Rebecca and Jarrod in Melbourne

Choc/White Male

Dunwurkn Marbled Mudshake


now living with the Greentree family and new brother Ink, is in training for Obedience..

Choc Merle Male

For More on Spy Click His Photos

Dunwurkn Oz Choc Mayhem

Mayhem -

Has made the Journey to Norway where she will be training for Agility and Obedience,

with her new mum Monica Hvarstad...

has settled in well and is enjoying all the Snow...

Choc/White Female

Dunwurkn Marbled Trubble


is now living with Melinda Hayley in NSW...

Choc Merle Female

Other Pics

Lets kill the Bunny

Puppy Line up at 4 Weeks

If you would like to enquire about this litter or our upcoming litters please contact me on

Home Ph: 07 54816693

Mob: 0428 186 053


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