Dunwurkn Border Collies

Bred For Quality & Temperament

Born 17th February 2017

We welcomed 8 healthy strong puppies, 5 Males & 3 Females. Decoy is once again a super mum.

Dream - Dunwurkn Living The Dream

No1 - Choc Merle Male
Diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at 10months


Strive - Dunwurkn Raising The Bar

No 2 - Choc Merle Female


Duke - Dunwurkn Cookies N Cream

N0 3 - Choc Merle Male

Aero - Dunwurkn Aero Dynamic

No4- Choc/WhiteMale

Rouge - Dunwurkn Fast N Furious

No5- Choc/WhiteFemale

Willow - Dunwurkn Caramel Sundae

No 6- ChocMerleTri Female

Indie - Dunwurkn Indie Rocks

No7 - Choc Tri Male

Aero - Dunwurkn With Aero Precision

No 8 - Choc/WhiteMale