Dunwurkn Border Collies

Bred For Quality & Temperament

Born 18th December 2015

We welcomed 6 healthy strong puppies into the world, whelping took 4 hours with no complications, 5 Males & 1 Female. Decoy is being a fantastic first time mum.
Yogi - Dunwurkn Sheer Determination
No 1 - Black/White Male
lives in Melbourne, trains and competes is Agility, Canine Disc & Flyball
Luna - Dunwurkn Shining Moment
No 2 - Black/White Female
lives in Tahiti, trains and competes in Obedience
Chase - Dunwurkn In Hot Pursuit
No 3 - Choc Merle Male
Lives in Brisbane, trains and Competes in Canine Disc
 2017 Rookie Throw & Catch Dog of The Year
2017 Rookie Games Dog of The Year
Bonus - Dunwurkn Heart N Soul
No 3 - Choc/White Male
With us here at Dunwurkn Border Collies...
trains and competes in Canine Disc, has been started on Sheep
Rehab - Dunwurkn Grd Ctrl To MajorTom
No 4 - Choc/White Male
returned to us JUne 2017, as he became too much to handle for his first owner, he returned to us with an OCD behaviour of chasing light which we have worked on and it is much improved..
He now trains and competes in Canine Disc & has some natural talent and has become a permanent member of Dunwurkn Border Collies :) .
(he has also been previously trained for Obedience & Flyball)
Ceasar - Dunwurkn Making A Splash
No 6 - Choc Merle Male
living in Rockhampton - QLD and is a much loved family companion and he loves to swim