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Faithet Woody Willow JD GD SD SPD HSAs


Focus is a sweet natured boy, he has natural talent for herding and showed me this at 4 1/2 mths of age when i first introduced him to sheep, He was born on the 6th September 2007 at Faithet Border Colllies in Grafton, NSW. I would like to thank Coral Higham for allowing this lovely boy to become part of my family.

Focus competes in Agility, Canine Disc & Herding and is doing very well...

He is a proven Stud Dog, and has produced a variety of colour including Black/White, Choc/White, Black Tri, Choc Tri, Blue Merle, 

Choc Merle, Blue Merle Tri, Choc Merle Tri, Choc Sable Merle & Sable Blue Merle Tri,

He is available for Stud to approved females.

If you would like to inquire about his stud services, please get in touch with us

These were taken on his first time back on sheep after being rested from injury, he was very full of himself but settled down nicely...

Pics of Focus as he grows

10 weeks

4 months

7 months

9 months

11 Months old getting ready for Sheep Herding Training

13 months old

19 months Old

waiting for his run at his first Canine Disc Championship...

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