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Shepherds Own Lark


Lark is a new addition to Dunwurkn, She arrived in Australia on 17th April 2015. Bred by Kirstin at Shepherds Own Kennels in Germany...


Lark is registered ISDS, ANKC 

She is bred from outstanding lines from Germany & Wales and we cant thank Kirstin enough for allowing us this opportunity.

Sire: Zac

D.O.B. 4 March 2003

DNA CEA Normal

ISDS Registration #: 263935

Kennel Club Registration # AM0901081

Zac is a classy, powerful dog who will never take a backward step.

He is equally at home working the hills or on the trial field.

Zac is a natural outrunner who enjoys large, difficult courses.

He has stamina to spare and is a frequent winner on the North Wales trials circuit.

2011 Welsh National - 7th

2011 Welsh team member for the International

2010 Talgarreg Double Fetch Trial - 4th

2009 Welsh National - 7th

2009 Welsh Team Member for the International

2009 Deerplay Final- 2nd

2008 Vivod Champion

2008 and 2007 Deerplay Finalist

Dam: Shepherds Own Diona

DOB: 29.11.2006

Colour: Dark - Sable

Health: HD A, ED/OCD free, eyes free CEA/CL/PRA, CEA carrier, CL free

Work: Herding sheep and goats, Agility


3rd. Place. Rheinland Trophy 2009, class 1 on 24th & 25th October

5th. Place. Rheinland Trophy 2009, class 1 on 31st Oct & 1st Nov

2nd. Place. Rheinland Trophy 2009, class 1 on 21st & 22nd November

5th. Place. Rheinland Trophy 2010, class 2 on 24th October

Rheinland Trophy 2011 (3 runs) 2 x 1st place and 1 x 3rd place, class 2

4th. Place Nicolaustrial in Rheinbach, 2011, class 2 on 3rd December

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