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Puppy Purchase Agreement (Example Only)

The Border Collie puppy, to be named _________________________ has been sold to the person/s listed below as buyer/s on this _______ day of ___________, 2016, for the sum of $ _1800____ Deposit Paid $400 on ___/___/ 2016



DATE OF BIRTH: ___________________ 2011

ANKC Reg Name: DUNWURKN _______________(Subject to CCCQ Approval)



Consenting parties: Allison Britton herein referred to as Breeder/Seller and

Buyer’s name: ___________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________herein referred to as Purchasing Owner.

Puppies will be referred to as the ‘dog’. By their respective signatures, the Breeder/Seller and Purchasing Owner agree to the following terms:

1. The Breeder/Seller may choose any name he/she desires for the dog, to be used as the registered name with the prefix of Dunwurkn.

2. The Purchasing Owner should take the dog to a veterinarian within 72 hours upon arrival at their new home. If any physical defects are noted by the veterinarian, the buyer may return the dog to the seller and receive a refund of the full purchase price. The Purchasing Owner is responsible for all transportation costs. The Purchasing Owner is responsible for purchasing the dog, day to day care and veterinary costs.

3. The Purchasing Owner agrees to feed a seller approved Dog Food until the dog has reached one year of age. The Purchasing Owner agrees to keep the dog at a suitable weight.

4. If the Purchasing Owner chooses to give up the dog, for any reason, the Breeder/Seller has first right of refusal at no more than half the purchase price for puppies up to the age of 6 months, for puppies older than 6 months no more than one quarter of the purchasing price. For dogs over 12months of age will be dealt with on an individual basis. Breeder/Seller may visit, or send a representative, to evaluate the dog and its home environment.

5. The dog will be registered with the ANKC/CCCQ with the Purchasing Owner as the listed owner of record. Breeder/Seller may elect to use the ANKC LIMITED registration program for puppies sold on Spay/Neuter contracts. If the puppy is sold on MAIN register and is eligible for Breeding a separate Breeding Contract will be attached. Breeding Contract

6. If the puppy is sold on the Limited Register, The Purchasing Owner agrees to have the male dog neutered (castrated) before the age of 10 months. Female dogs will be spayed before the age of 7 months. A copy of the spay/neuter certificate will be mailed to the Breeder/Seller within 1 week of the procedure. For puppies that will compete in dog sports such as agility, obedience, flyball, frisbee/flying disc and herding, spay/neuter can wait until growth plates have closed but no later then 18 months of age.

7a. BONE CLOSURE: “Long bones have a specific area at one or both ends called the growth plate, where the cells replicate and add to the length of the bone. This growth plate is an area in which the bone is softer and more readily injured. The growth plate continues to add to the length of the bone until the age at which it is genetically programmed to close. It then becomes identical in composition to the rest of the bone. The age at which the growth plates close differs for each bone. Larger dogs’ growth plates close later than those of small bones.” Taken from the book Peak Performance by Dr. Chris Zinc DVM, the foremost canine sports vet and author of several books on canine sports medicine, nutrition and physiology.

7b. Bone closure can only be determined thru an x-ray taken by a certified veterinarian. Training exercises such as weave poles, jumping anything above elbow height, agility contact equipment such as regulation/full height dogwalk, A-Frame and teeter as well as multiple repetitions, frisbee/flying disc catching, Over exercise at the park/beach off leash area, chasing of balls, Excessive running, overworking flyball box turns, Excessive walking up and down stairs or working stock beyond the occasional introductory stages, should not be executed by any Dunwurkn puppy until their growth plates have closed or no sooner then the age of 12 months. It has been acknowledged that these stated examples may contribute to soft tissue/ligament injury, OCD, elbow and/or hip dysplasia. If any of these examples are performed/executed by the puppy before the growth plates are closed, the Breeder/Seller has no obligations nor owes any compensation for any injuries sustained then or in the future from such early training of the above mentioned examples.       

Buyer’s initials__________

8. The parents of the litter have either been DNA Tested or are Clear by Parentage of known diseases in Border Collies, which include CEA(Collie Eye Anomoly), CL & TNS ...

9. Breeder/Seller retains no responsibilities to the dog other than those specifically mentioned in this Contract. Neither party has liability due to accident or illness. If the dog has any defects such as, but not limited to, OCD, PRA, CEA, HIP DYSPLASIA, EPILEPSY, etc., the Breeder/Seller will not be held liable and owes no compensation to the Purchasing Owner. It is noted that both the parents have been screened for hip and eye clearances. It is further noted that the parents were free from any of the above mentioned afflictions at the time of breeding.


Breeder/Seller Allison Britton                                              Purchasing Owner__________________

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