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Borderiver Gin And Tonic AD JD GD SD SPD HSAs

24/5/2006 - 22/11/2021

Today we gave my GT her wings, we don’t choose the days we have to say good bye, and today happened to be my Coco’s birthday , they were great friends throughout their lives and we enjoyed many adventures together, they can now be back together in rainbow bridge.

While she still thought she could keep up with the young dogs, and not on any medication she was struggling to get around these past few days so we knew it was time. It’s never an easy decision saying goodbye but one I’m grateful I could make for her.

We shared a great life together with lots of adventures learning many things, and we have many achievements in dog sports, she was happy to learn and try anything I asked of her, we enjoyed Agility, Herding, Canine Disc, Dock Diving, Rally Obedience, we even gave 3 sheep herding a go, and we of course had lots of fun together but we found her passion in canine disc, she also loved working ducks, we ticked a bucket list item together with her having a role in a TV add, where we spent 5 days on XXXX Island where she worked like a trooper right until the last night around the fire scene.

So GT while this is goodbye you can be sure you’ll never be forgotten, it’s been a great 15 1/2 years and i Thankyou for allowing me to be a part of it , I’m forever grateful for the puppies you bought into this world and I’m proud to own your Daughter Decoy, and grand babies Bonus, Rehab & Addict

I loved you your whole life & I’ll miss you the rest of mine .

That’ll do Missy G



22/11/2004 - 20/5/2018

I was hoping this day would never come... Yesterday we said good bye to my CoCo... she will be surely missed around here.. the controller of everything and a force not to be reckoned with... She was one crazy CoCo nut and boy did we have some fun together for the last 13 1/2 years, Man what a Journey!!! she was such an amazing dog a heart so big and willing to give anything and everything a go i asked of her.. from Agility/Rally Obedience/Canine Disc/Herding/3 sheep herding/ Dock Dogs/ Flyball... she has many great achievements in dog sports but for me her greatest achievement was living life to the fullest, she was demanding when it came to training she loved it so much 

and you just had to ask her she could do anything and no other could do it better :) I am forever grateful that she came into my life, she has taught me so much, she gave me her everything and she has some beautiful babies out there and i am blessed to have Rumour, Logic & Bonus to carry her lines through.

I carry your heart i carry you in my heart..

That'll do my Precious...


- Faithet Woody Willow JD GD SD SPD HSAs

6/9/07 - 3/4/17

This morning my mr handsome pants crossed to rainbow bridge. He passed quickly and peacefully at home, I feel so lucky to have had him in my life lots of great memories, it's been a fun journey which sadly has come to an end, I am thankful I now have two of his daughters and a grandson to continue the journey with... throughout our journey together we enjoyed participating in various Dog sports - Agility, Canine Disc, Dock Diving, Rally Obedience, Herding and even a few of 3 sheep Trials.

He is the sire to many wonderful dogs 😍

And while he is gone sooner than I thought he would, he will never be forgotten, I will miss him just being him, the other boys at home won't know what to do now when the neighbour drives out 🤔 ...

He can now join Buddy at rainbow bridge and we will scatter his ashes with Buddy some day at our favourite spot at Tin Can Bay..

So thankful I have lots of great memories of him, he truly was one of a kind...

That'll do Dude...


6/6/2000 - 30/12/15

Well today we said goodbye to Buddy, it was time... While he wasn't in any visible pain, and not on any medication, he was struggling at times to get around, and of course was still eating like a trooper, I just felt it was the best time to do it for him... He enjoyed a pigs ear this morning, wanted to get in on the action for roo nibbles whist training the other dogs, and 

tried to come for a walk to the dam while the others had a swim just before the vet arrived, it was one of his better days lately... he went quickly and peacefully at home and can now enjoy his rest... He will be cremated and I plan on scattering his ashes at the beach someday, he certainly loved the beach (well Tin Can Bay anyways 😊) he had a great life, loved in his younger years to come fishing with me in the boat, hanging out on the sand bank while I worked the mullet nets, he was a great guard dog in his younger years, and I always felt safe on my own with him by my side, we certainly had a great time in Agility, never would of thought we would of achieved his AAC, we also dabbled at Flyball he managed to get his FDX and only black carded once.. Lol, we also had some fun with frisbee, he loved playing tug with kids... He made a road trip very interesting in his later years, and while he was apparently deaf and struggled to move lately, it's amazing how quick he could get to the door when it was dinner time...

So while he is finally gone he will never be forgotten, and while it's sad... I don't want anyone to feel sorry for him/us he had a fun filled almost 16years, which I am glad I could be part of...

He came into my life as a rescue dog, he certainly had his issues, and it was a fun journey to overcome many of them...

That'll Do Bud ...

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