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Buddy and me began our life together in May 2000, he was rescued from the RSPCA Shelter at Bundaberg, we started training together in September of that year at the local obedience club, this was where i had our first view of Dog Agility and i knew that this was what he needed and would love as a working breed, so we quickly went through the lower classes and started his Agility Training.

Buddy has taught me a lot not only in dog training but in dog behaviour, we have worked through quite a few issues he had to be where we are today... He enjoys spending time on the couch sometimes rather than training.. but is always ready for a game with the ball or frisbee...

Buddy retired from Agility at the age of 10, and is spending his time in retirement enjoying trips to the beach and the occasional run over the agility equipment in the backyard, he still tries to keep up with the 

younger dogs.

He enjoyed Agility, Canine Disc & Flyball as a sports dog... And it was not an easy road to his Australian Agility Champion Title in Agility but something i am very proud to of achieved with him.

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